When it comes to social media there is one important thing to remember: once you post something, it is out there for the world to see! Nine time out of ten, this is good news for your business as you are sharing great news or an informative article, but let’s take a look at some of those times that it has gone horribly wrong!

  1. US Airways – This is probably one of the biggest PR disasters an airline has ever seen thanks to social media! No matter how many times we look into this one we can not see how some one made this error of biblical proportions. So let’s set the scene: a customer tweeted their disappointment in a delayed flight which resulted in the following reply from US Airways (which in their words was an honest mistake):Social Media FailsThe tweet was obviously quickly deleted but not before hundreds of retweets and screenshots. The airline released the following statement explaining what happened “US Airways were in fact trying to flag the image as inappropriate. However, in doing so the picture’s URL was also copied. This link was accidentally pasted into a tweet which was sent to another user. Whilst the two tweets were live, they linked to one another. It was an honest mistake.”
  2. Twitter is a great place for people to share their experiences with companies or public services, and after the New York Police Department received a nice picture from a member of the public they decided to start a new Twitter campaign looking for more using #myNYPD. This is how it started:Social Media Fails
    But it soon turned sour and they got the following:socialmediafails4socialmediafails9
    To be fair, you can see what they were trying to do but unfortunately it did not end well at all.
  3. Keeping on the trend of hashtags going wrong, remember family favourite singer Susan Boyle? Well, to promote the release of her album, her PR team decide to start a hashtag trend to build awareness of the upcoming album party. Unfortunately, they didn’t proof read the hashtag and went with #susanalbumparty and it doesn’t take long to figure out what is wrong with this hashtag!Social Media Fails
  4. HMV – Time for another PR disaster! As you probably know HMV suffered a bad financially patch recently, this forced them to have to fire their digital marketng team. But they forgot one major thing! To take away their access to Twitter which lead to the following:Social Media Fails
  5. British Gas – It is important when running a large corporation that your social media team know what is going on so they can prepare for certain things. This didn’t happen at British Gas as on the same day as a 10% price increase, their Twitter team decided to do a Q & A session, which soon turned into quite the back lash!Social Media Fails

We hope these fails gave you a chuckle but that it also reminded you that once you post something it is out there no matter how quickly you delete it! Let us know of any other social media fails you have seen by commenting below!