One of the hardest parts of running your business’ social media pages is finding relevant content to share across social media. The web is noisy and chaotic with information where you will find thousands of blogs, news channels and many online wire services publishing press releases, news articles and other related content daily. But how is it possible for you to find anything that is relevant to your business that you can use, curate and share with your target audience to support your digital marketing efforts?

With the help of Google Search, Google Alerts and Twitter, real time search all make it quite easy to find content that is relevant, newsworthy, and most importantly real time. Using these channels you can find valuable and interesting information regarding people, companies, news, what is happening right now all over the world and what is currently trending.
These channels can also help you research what others are saying about you, your business, and your competition online. Here is a couple of tips on using each of these channels to find a needle of information in a haystack of content.

Google Search
– Using Google search is one of the easiest ways to find relevant content. When searching on Google, use a combination of keywords relevant to your query and use many of the search options (news, videos, images etc…) directly on Google to filter what you are looking for. If you are looking for the most recent content you can even filter the results by country and time. Using these search options on Google is powerful and one of the quickest ways to find relevant content.

Google Alerts – You can use Google Alerts to set up alerts so you receive an email when any new information regarding any topic is published online. You can set up alerts for pretty much anything including brand mentions, blog posts or any topic so that you are notified when something new is published. When you set up the alerts you can set them up in two ways. One is so that you are immediately notified when there’s an update or you can select to have a daily summary sent to you. Google Alerts is an excellent tool for tracking your own name or brand so you are notified as soon as you are mentioned in content that Google has indexed.

Twitter Real-Time Search – Do you want to know what is happening right now this minute about a specific topic? You can do a search on Twitter’s search engine to find all the information as it happens in real time. You can use the advanced search properties to find out exactly what you are looking for and also filter the results by location so you are not wasting your time. We also recommend you create a list of specific Twitter users you want to follow; this makes it easy to find the exact type of content you are looking for.

We understand trying to make time to post on social media is hard enough never mind trying to find relevant content. So if you are struggling why not get in touch today to discuss a social media management package to suit your budget.