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SEO is the process of making a website climb the search engine rankings. Search engines such as Google determine the order of their search engine results by utlilizing complex algorithms which they adjust periodically. As a business owner, it is likely that you have been approached in the past to purchase SEO packages by companies who promise miracles. At Reflex Creative, we never make false promises, but we do engage in white hat SEO tactics, ensuring your website will never be penalized and we keep up to date with current best practices.

seo wigan

Do I Need SEO?

In a word, yes.  A website without SEO is like a signpost in the desert, pointless and unlikely to get anyone anywhere, particularly your business.  If you've paid good money on a well designed website, you want that website to be found and to win you business.  75% of search engine users never look past page one, that's how important search engine rankings have become.

Organic SEO or PPC?

Although organic SEO involves a longer process than PPC ads which provide instant results, the effects are longer lasting and organic results yield a higher click rate than paid results.  Around 75% of users will ignore paid results in favour of organic listings.

Isn't SEO Expensive?

Organic SEO should be treated as an ongoing project rather than a one off wonder.  At Reflex Creative, Wigan, we appreciate that not all companies have huge marketing budgets which is why we can tailor make an SEO package to suit your needs.

Don't Be A Needle In a Haystack - Be Found

SEO - Modern Day Marketing

SEO is an essential part of marketing in the digital era. At Reflex Creative SEO in Wigan, we are completely transparent with our SEO strategies and will not hit you with any hidden costs. As an SEO client you will receive full access to your own SEO dashboard so you can view the progress of your website at your own convenience. We will also touch base with you regularly to discuss strategies and where you want to focus your marketing at any given time. At last, a SEO company without the hard sell!

seo wigan