If you’ve invested hard work and hard earned money into a brand spanking new website which just isn’t pulling its weight, it can be frustrating.  What’s the issue?  It looks pretty enough, it has your logo on it, it’s even featuring on Google.  But you still don’t seem to be gaining the results you were hoping for in terms of return of investment.

Before you slip into complete despair, it’s worth taking the proverbial step backwards and try looking at your website through the eyes of your target audience.  Are you capturing their attention by giving them the necessary information easily or does it take forever to find what they are looking for?

We put together a checklist to help with your personal website review:

Is Your Website Responsive?

The majority of online browsing is now done via a mobile device.  If your website isn't responsive to different screen sizes, your audience could lose patience and look elsewhere.  There is nothing more frustrating than constantly trying to zoom in on content or scroll side to side to read all the copy on a web page.

Media Which Auto Plays?

My biggest bugbear!  There is nothing worse than having a quiet browse online, only to be interrupted by some loud theme tune or somebody loudly telling you how great their product/service is.  Online media is great, in it's place but many people don't want it forcing on them and will click away from your website.  Easily fixed: give your users a "play" button!

Is Your Navigation Straightforward?

When you're building or designing your website, it's easy to get involved to the point where you can't see the obvious: how do you get to the relevant pages.  Once your user is on your website, how do they navigate to the place they want to be.  People can get frustrated by poor website navigation and look elsewhere, we are no longer patient with the internet, we want our information fast!  Make sure you have clear links and call to actions buttons to help your audience take their next step and ultimately to do business with you.

Can You Boil a Kettle Faster Than Your Page Can Load?

Ok, maybe not but if your web pages take an age to load, people will go elsewhere.  As mentioned above, we simply are not patient anymore!  Make sure your image sizes are as small as possible and use tools such as Pingdom to check your site speed and see which elements might be causing loading lag.

Cheese Overload?

It's not always possible or affordable to have a professional photo shoot done especially for your website.  It might be that you work in an environment that wouldn't lend itself well to attractive images or you simply might be on a tight budget.  Stock images can work really well, but tread carefully.  Some of them can be cheesy to the point of nauseating and come across as clearly not being of your business.  This can be off putting to customers who want to see a genuine company, so try to strike the balance right.

Pop Up and Up and Up?

I recently viewed a website which I have been on many times before.  The owners are pushing a new product and have obviously decided to employ the use of pop ups.  This is fine, except said pop up appeared on every page I clicked on.  Annoying!  Even more so as it was on mobile and filled my entire screen.  I lost patience eventually and took my business elsewhere.  Need I say more?  Use them, just not too much.

Albeit a basic list, give your website a quick DIY audit today and see if you can improve upon the user experience it provides.  User experience really does matter and even search engines such as Google measure how long people stay on your site and whereabouts on it they “drop off”.  This goes on to have a bearing on your search ranking.  With this in mind can you really afford to neglect a poorly performing website?