Why SEO should be an essential, not a luxury!

SEO has a tarnished reputation, this is a sad but true fact in today’s digital world. Black hat tactics and Google algorithm changes have made a huge impact upon the way it is perceived by many.

However, here at Reflex Creative, we still firmly believe that SEO is an essential part of any marketing campaign. From small business ventures to larger corporations, being able to compete online is vital. Long gone are the days where most people hunted for goods and services in the local paper, the modern equivalent is now the Google search. Statistics show that 75% of people using Google do not look beyond the first page of results.

Shocking? Yes and no. People in this digital age do not want to scroll through pages and pages of results to look for your business. They want to find what they want within a few clicks. If your website is not seen in those first few precious organic google results for the keywords they are searching for then many will simply not find you, but your competitors instead.

We often hear phrases like “SEO is pointless”. Well, this couldn’t be more wrong. Solid white-hat SEO practices do make a huge impact on the online presence of a company, potentially bringing them up from the depths of page 8 to becoming a strong page 1 contender.

This does not happen overnight though. Good quality SEO takes time and patience in order to be effective. As the famous saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and getting a page one ranking is exactly the same. It takes time and dedication to get your website where you want it to be. Play the long game with SEO and ultimately you will be rewarded.

Good quality SEO takes time and patience in order to be effective.

You may be thinking that you can just pay to be at the top with a pay-per-click campaign, and yes you can! However recent statistics show that Google users tend to trust organic google listings more than paid listings, with 70% of users clicking on organic links before paid links, and 70-80% ignoring the paid ads altogether. Google users trust the system, and well optimised, high quality sites with great content will always be king.

Here at Reflex Creative we firmly believe that a little SEO is far better than none, so whatever your budget we can find a solution that suits you. Our clients range from large national companies to small local businesses, and we are able to tailor our services accordingly.

So for skeptical large and small business owners alike, we urge you to think again! SEO can transform your online presence, getting your website seen by those that matter the most- your potential customers. Used in conjunction with other marketing strategies and solid branding, watch your business soar! Want to find out more? Visit our SEO page or contact us today!