Good Branding, Good Returns

At Reflex Creative, we are strong believers in consistent brand identity. Your logo should follow you wherever you are marketed and your colour scheme should never fluctuate. Fonts are important as is tone of language. Why? Because it helps to attract and retain the all important client of course!

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Isn't My Brand Identity My Logo?

Yes and no.  Your logo is central to your brand identity but there are other elements which should be carried across your branding in order to present a professional and consistent image.  Your corporate/brand identity  is the manner in which your marketing materials such as stationery, packaging and signage are presented.

Does Brand Identity Matter?

In a nutshell, yes.  Brand identity refers to everything associated with the presentation of your business including fonts. colours, logos and layouts.  Consistency across the board is key as this suggests that your business is professional and is therefore more likely to promote confidence and engagement from your potential clients.

How Can Reflex Help?

Whether you need a complete rebrand or just a brand refresh, we will research your marketplace and your target market and design your brand identity in the right direction.  The starting point will be your logo, and all other marketing materials will follow through accordingly.  On completion, you will be given your branding guidelines so that wherever your branding is to be used, you can rest assured it will be done correctly.

Keep Your Branding Professional

Consistency Equals Professionalism

Whatever your views on graphic design and the importance of carrying through a theme in your branding, there is no disputing that attracting customers is important. Think of a famous brand and then consider their actual branding and how its continuation throughout their website, packaging and signage. Now think about the fact that that particular brand is well known. Branding can be the key to success.

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