The Reflex team were pleased to exhibit at this year’s Digital Marketing Roadshow Preston Expo this week.  As well as chatting about the range of services we offer, we wanted to attract a little attention to stand out from the crowd.  After a little brainstorming, The Great Reflex Giveaway was born.

As part of our print portfolio, we offer fabric banner displays which look ideal at exhibitions.  However, what few people realise is just how easy they are to construct.  So, to help demonstrate the point, as well as provide some giggles and much needed warmth on a cold November day, we challenged visitors to the Expo to Get It Up For Reflex.  The aim of the competition was to get the fabric sleeve on to the frame in the fastest time.

It certainly became competitive with onlookers watching to try and establish the best strategy to use when their time came.  We witnessed all sorts of methods and we were amazed by the times came in, even those who came towards the bottom of the leaderboard.

When the final scores were in, the winner was Safyian Rafiq from Momentum Legal . Momentum were the proud winners of the stand with a branded fabric cover designed by ourselves.  Runners up prizes were also given to Tamarind Tree Consulting and Lancashare.

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