Website and Email Hosting Made Simple

At Reflex Creative, we don't just create beautiful websites, we host them too. We can help with the registration of your domain and make the entire process smooth and hassle free. Our web control panel is simple to use and we offer as much support as you need to get started.

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Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

Web Hosting essentially refers to the space where your website and email sit on a server.  Without that server, your website cannot be accessed and seen by the outside world so it is a completely necessary service.

How Reliable Are Your Servers?

Our servers enjoy 99.99% uptime so are super reliable.  They are also UK based, making them fast and also good for SEO purposes as search engines look at server location in respect to geographical targeting.

What's Included In My Hosting Package?

Within your website hosting package you will receive hosting for your website, email set up if required (multiple addresses of your choice) and access to your own control panel.  Your control panel will offer features such as app installers, making the installation of features such as Wordpress straightforward, SQL database access, FTP functionality and much more.

Do You Want Reliable Web and Email Hosting?

At Last, a Hosting Company With a Friendly Face!

At Reflex Creative, we offer fast, reliable web and email hosting which is user friendly and realistically priced, offering you the support you need to get up and running. After all why over complicate something as simple as servers?

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