Good Logo - Instant Recognition

A well designed, well thought out logo can have a huge impact on your website. A well designed logo can make your business appear professional and a memorable logo (for the right reasons!) makes your company instantly recognisable at first glance.

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Should I Create My Own Logo?

Preferably not.  An experienced graphic designer will have not only the right tools but also extensive experience in logo design.  Your logo needs to be well designed in order to be effective.  At Reflex Creative we stick to four simple rules when it comes to logo design: a logo should be simple, unique, appropriate to your business and memorable to your clients.

What If I Don't Like My Logo Design?

At Reflex Creative, we follow a process to ensure customer satisfaction.  We will ask for examples of logos you like and dislike as well as any colours you have in mind.  When we have this information, our graphic designers will create three logo concepts based on your preferences and ask you to select your favourite.  We will then make any necessary adjustments to your chosen logo design until you are happy with the result.

What Can I Use My Logo For?

Once completed, we will send all artwork to you in all the file formats you will require for web and print use.  From there your logo will be yours to use for any purpose you wish from websites and social media to business cards and letterheads.

Let Your Logo Lead Your Success

A Good Logo Is A Good Investment

A well designed, professional logo is one of the most important parts of your corporate branding. Getting it right means everything as this one design needs to carry smoothly through all your marketing. At Reflex Creative we pride ourselves in creating clean, contemporary, attractive logos, for more information, get in touch today.

logo design wigan