Ready to Go Logos

Ready made logos, just choose one and we will add your company name!

The following logo design ideas are the result of previously commissioned logo and brand identity projects.

For each logo design or branding design project might we complete, we might develop, doodle, sketch and conceptualise literally dozens of logo ideas, and not all of them will be seen by the client.  The logo concepts that the client does see will be just a selection of those that we develop, and from those mock-ups only one idea will be chosen.  The ones that don’t make it into full production have, until now, been destined to a life locked away in the depths of the Reflex vaults.

Our belief however is that everyone deserves a second chance and it seems just plain wrong for these little fella’s who didn’t quite make the grade should go to waste, so hence we decided to tidy up these ‘forgotten’ logo sketches and ideas, and sell them as ‘Ready to Go’ logo designs.

Of course ‘Ready to Go’, isn’t quite accurate as in reality, any logo design sold will probably have some tweaks & changes, such as colour, layout, and type swaps made to suit the clients’ specific needs, but for the most part they are left pretty much as is.  The beauty of which is, you get a great looking professional logo design at a fraction of the price of our custom design service and the logo will be completely exclusive to you.  Once purchased, you will receive a signed ’Transfer of Copyright’ from us, the logo design will be removed from sale on our website and the files & logo are your to do with as you see fit.