Say what?

Following industry trends and stats is paramount to what we do at Reflex Creative. It’s 2018 and social media IS media. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have revolutionised the way brands communicate with their consumers, and competitors alike. You’re not waiting for a newspaper or magazine or radio ad to find out where’s cool to eat on your birthday night out, you’re looking it up on your smartphone!

Gone are the days when social media was simply a way to chat and ‘be social’ with your friends.

Checking social media to find out about a brand is now the first thing you do when you want to learn more. Hitting a restaurant? You’ll stake out their Facebook or Instagram first, you’ll even scroll to get the address, read reviews and look at photos before you book. True?

Of course, it is! It’s the world we live in now.

Since everyone is all about stats, here’s a selection of interesting stats that are worth knowing in 2018, or what’s left of it. Some of which are actually quite surprising but we’ll leave it up to you to read and make of them what you will. Get your readers on!

Don’t just rely on a hashtag for engagement

Surprisingly, in a study by Locowise, apparently adding hashtags to tweets on Twitter had zero effect on engagement rates. In fact, tweets without hashtags actually outperformed tweets which did contain hashtags. Magic formula? It’s beneficial to focus more on the quality of your content than the hashtags themselves. An over-reliance on a plethora of hashtags can lead to stagnation in engagement and where social’s concerned, that is NOT what you want.

Instagram is Insta-growing!

Market leaders on Instagram have reported engagement rate per-follower of 4.21%. This is 120 times higher than Twitter and 58 times higher than Facebook.  This reinforces the popularity of Instagram for brands. Proof is in the pudding! However, it’s important to remember that Instagram won’t work for EVERY brand. As a visual platform, brands covering fashion, food and the likes will perform exceedingly well, whereas as a solicitor or something a little more corporate won’t reap the benefits in the same way.

Tagged a friend? This is why…

This works and we do it all the timePosts which are tagged with another user (56%) or location (79%) have considerably higher engagement rates! It’s great for getting new followers too and it’s always good if a brand gives you a shout out! Careful though, Facebook are making changes to their algorithms (as always) and physical “tag a friend” posts might just be seeing a decline in engagement over the coming months.

Are you responsive to customers on social?

When consumers complain on Twitter, apparently 78% of them want a response within an hour! The lesson? Stay on top of your social media platforms and engage accordingly so that complaints can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner. Reputation management is crucial to any brand and being responsive on social media plays a big part in this nowadays.

Links and posts go hand-in-hand…

Did you know that including a link to click in a post is worth 92% of all user interaction with tweets? It’s an easy way of getting more engagement from your followers and better for sharing information! It’s all about the customer experience journey and more importantly, keeping them headed on your path without drifting down a side road and finding your competitor, so the more ways you can keep them signposted in the right direction, the better!

Interesting stuff eh? If you’d like to chat about your social media, online reputation, or anything in between, as always, we’re all ears! Catch us on any of our social media channels (obviously), come say hello at our HQ, call us on 01942 318082 or give us a scribe at


Stats mentioned sourced from: AdWeek, Hootsuite, Lithium, Hubspot.