Beautiful, Responsive Website Design

At Reflex Creative, we only design responsive websites. This means that your website will not only look great on any device, but will also work properly. We always keep your specifications at the heart of what we do when we design your website, but are happy to give advice as needed.

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Why Do I Need A Responsive Website?

More and more of the world is using the internet, making online presence an essential for any business.  Even the yellow pages have gone online!  Further to this, in recent years, most internet use is done either by smartphone or tablet.  User experience is everything online, and it is vital that your potential clients like what they see when the click on your website.  Your website needs to look great and get your message across no matter whether your target audience choose to view on mobile, tablet or desktop.  Responsive websites are vital!

How Much Do You Charge For Web Design?

Our web design charges are entirely dependent on the size of your project.  The more simple the website, the less it will cost.  All our website prices are inclusive of stock images and copy writing and  the price we quote is the price you pay, as long as your specification does not change.

I've Decided I want Reflex To Design My Website. What Next?

The first thing we will do is meet with you to discuss any ideas you have for the look and the content of your website.  We will then create a mockup of your website which is essentially an image of how the website will look once it has been built.  We will ask you for a rough outline of any content you wish to be included in the website, such as details of your services.  Don't worry, we can re-write this for you in an SEO friendly manner.  Once you have approved the mock-up, or requested any adjustments, we will build your website.   Simple!

Keep Up.  Get Responsive.

Responsive Web Design - Showcase Your Business Online

At Reflex Creative, we are firm believers in the phrase "Your Website is Your Shop Window" and as such we believe it should be a good reflection on your brand and used to attract customers to your services. Don't get left behind by looking out of date or worse still, like you may have gone out of business. Keep up! Up date your online presence for less than you think. Get in touch today.

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